SIDO Lyon 2021


Jean-Patrick Masson

Dijon Métropole

VP à la transition énergétique, déchets, énergies renouvelables, réseaux, programme H2020


Vice‐president of Dijon métropole in charge of the ecological transition, waste, renewable energy,networks and the H2020 program.Councillor of the City of Dijon in charge of energy, municipal heritage and thermal renovation ofbuildings.Two issues are at the heart of his activities today.The European RESPONSE project, which aims to set up two groups of positive energy buildingsthat will develop as part of a collective consumption operation and will showcase many innovativesolutions. This operation is carried out within the framework of a public‐private partnership.The second project concerns the implementation at a very significant level of the production,distribution and use of hydrogen of renewable origin to feed the fleet of buses and bin lorries ofthe metropolis. More than 220 vehicles wil be involved in this operation by 2028.

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