SIDO Lyon 2021

Nouveau Produit Zigbee 3.0 pro ou Bleutooth

The Consultingiot solutions allow for battery-operated valve ON/OFF control, a water meter / flowmeter system, detection of water leaks or the rise in temperature and ambient humidity. The sensor mounted on the hot water system has a measuring range of -20 to + 120 degrees. The LORA version allows for long distance developments. These solutions offer answers to the markets of sanitary water management for hotels, agricultural irrigation, or energy management on old installations. As a specialist in embedded technologies, CIO Embedded Systems supports you throughout your project, from prototype to series production, from the drafting of specifications to the delivery of the functional system. With its electronic and software know-how, CIO Systemes Embedded is able to respond to critical and demanding issues, including safety and operating reliability. Size, weight, consumption and performance are all constraints that they are used to dealing with.

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