SIDO Lyon 2021



E’NERGYS is an ecosystem of SMEs that develops solutions, by combining business expertise and digital transformation, mainly oriented around energy performance services. Technological revolutions like IoT (Internet of Things) force market players to evolve towards additionnal added values services, including more digital and connected solutions, with high added value. At E'NERGYS we developped teh solution WIOTYS, which is a complete, modular and interoperable IoT platform, that offers an additionnal toolbox to accelerate the developpement of complex specific business applications. In the absence of such a platform, data from heterogeneous sources (IoTs, sensors, other business applications or any other external sources) would remain fragmented and could not converge to offer the expected business benefits. The Wiotys solution meets all these challenges. It offers as standard multiple alarm systems, reports and / or dashboards, and allows the accelerated design and development of complex specific applications. It can use and interact with all your IoTs and datas stored on the platform, and can also be integrated with your information system to trigger complex business processes automation. We offer full-scale test, with the realization of a POC, proposed at a low cost and over a very short lead time. Most of our POCs are delivered by setting up a private LoRaWAN network which offers a non intrusive solution.