SIDO Lyon 2021


Stand: W102a


TrustInSoft provides tools and services to analyze and formally verify C and C++ source code. It enables to bring mathematical guarantees on the behavior of software. It is the only software publisher able to assess and guarantee the safety and security of software without the need for the client to change software development process. TrustInSoft’s solutions are currently in use for software designers and integrators in the aeronautic, automotive, telecom, space, and IoT industries. The flagship product TrustInSoft Analyzer is an advanced C and C++ source code analyzer that mathematically guarantees the absence of defects, the immunity of software components to the most common security flaws and compliance with a specification. The technology is recognized by U.S. federal agency the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and was the first in the world to meet NIST’s SATE V Ockham Criteria for high quality software. Unlimited customer support is included with the tool. TrustInSoft experts can also perform code audits in direct link with customers, and assist clients with training, support and additional services, including tool customization. TrustInSoft Analyzer may be deployed on premises on a local server or a local cloud.

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