SIDO Lyon 2021

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Enhancing city landmarks, contributing to the safety of residents, reducing greenhouse gas emissions... Connected urban lighting prefigures the smart city of tomorrow! A smart and more sober city: The French “Bilan Carbone” Association, supported by ADEME and Caisse des Dépôts, estimates that 70% of actions to reduce GHG emissions will be carried out at the local level. Local communities therefore have a central role to play in helping reach this objective! In this context, BH Technologies has chosen to develop innovative services for waste and lighting management. In this workshop, we will see how the public lighting offer is designed to help local authorities move towards the “factor 4”, i.e. to divide GHG emissions by four between 1990 and 2050. A partnership between Orange and BH Technologies for a more innovative and sustainable city.

Enlightening the city of the future

Sep 23rd, 09:30 am CEST - 10:15 am CEST

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