SIDO Lyon 2021

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ERAMET is introducing the deployment of a new indoor and outdoor Nomadic solution for asset traceability. After years of looking for a solution enabling to track and locate its large parts, jigs, finished product, raw material or buffer stock, ERAMET found THE perfect solution. Considering the areas to be covered, finding the right product or doing inventories takes a significant amount of time. Fixed solutions cannot practicably be installed due to high infrastructure costs or difficulties associated with civil installation works. In addition, battery-based solutions are too expensive for large scale deployments and suffer from technical issues associated to the outdoor environment. The UWINLOC nomadic solution found by ERAMET, is designed to be installed on Forklifts or rolling machines, operated either Outdoors or Indoors and provide accurate location and asset traceability, with no fixed infrastructure and a fast Return on investment.

ERAMET implements new ‘nomadic’ solution, based on battery-less UWB tags to perform indoor & outdoor traceability

Sep 23rd, 02:00 pm CEST - 02:45 pm CEST

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